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Beermat Advertising and marketing


Beermat advertising targeted the Pubs and Clubs with active Pool, Darts and Football teams for us... And it worked a treat..!
First past the Finishing Line.... Recommended

We chose to have "our" Beermats distributed to all the local Bars in our catchment areas.... Where else would find wanton builders..? Beermats worked very well for us.... Recommended.
LBS Builders Merchants

Advertising Horizon Aviation in Golf and Country Clubs is the best advertising I've found to date. Wish I'd been contacted sooner. In less that one week we took 17 bookings for trial flights... We are well impressed.
Horizon Aviation

Our Beermats were placed in front of 14,000 Students in Swansea University. A Guarantee of success.. But be warned! You'll need to Work like CRAZY... Recycling ink cartridges....
Cartridge World

We had our Beermats placed in the Pubs in Bristol Centre... Wish we'd bought more of them.... Much More!

Promotional Beer Mats are a different idea; and one that works exceedingly well, with measureable results.
And we do like different ideas...

We offten recommend Beer Mat Advertising to other companies. We even tell other Taxi companies abot the Beermats... But not the ones in our area of course.!
Advertising on the Beemat is perfect for our business.
Chauffeur Taxis

We at the Sinclair Group sought to reinforce the already well established links between Volkswagen and Golf... Aware that Golfers spend a great deal of their time in the clubhouse; we contracted Beer Mat Advertising to target these areas on our behalf.
The results from our initial campaigns were such that we added our other brands to the campaigns.
Sinclair Group

The best advertising media for bringing instant results we have ever used for speaking to Tourists and Residents alike, in EspaƱa. Special for Ingles and foreign peoples here in Andalucia.
Diego Es.(Director)

After a great deal of thought we decided the best way to target all areas would be by advertising on Beer Mats. Concluding that whichever newspaper, magazine or booklet people read; or whatever radio station they listened to; they undoubtedley listened to it, or picked up the paper in a Bar.
The Beermats themselves were excellent.
And we're very pleased with the results... Recommended
The Treasure Chest

Beermats placed in the Golf and Country Clubs, produced an immediate response.. We were receiving enquiries and taking orders from our Beermat campains for many months after the initial campaigns ended.
We were very happy with Beermat Advertising.... And even happier with the level of response and the sales they generated.
Touch of Class

Working from Tel Aviv (Israel) we need to find a company that would advertise our products and services within the United Kingdom.
We were fortunet enough to hit on Beermat advertising; for they did everything for us.

We started using Beermat Advertising more than 9 Years ago to promote both the Hotel and our Golf Course. And we have alway enjoyed high levels of success from each and every campaign.
A truly professional company; and we have no hesitation it providing a recommendation.
Bells Hotel and Golf

Good product, Great idea, and Excellent Service... What more can we say... Recommended..
Road Runner

Having a "flutter" now and again is fine.. But don't Gamble with your Business Advertising. The Guys at Beermat Advertising know what they're doing... And they never gamble... Recommended

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Beermats: Social Media Advertising.

Everyone loves a Beer Mat.. We just can't avoid picking them up and reading them. Wherever you look someone's either fiddling with, or flipping Beermats... We tap them on the tables and we wrapp them on the Bars. Scribbling messages on and "taking" them for reference is quite normal. Beermat is much too short a word to discribe them.
For they are the original "information and entertainment centres"....

Approved Layar Creator designers

The team at Beer Mat Advertising are approved Layar Creator designers. And the formost authority in Augmented Reality (AR) Beermat and Coaster designs.
The High quality and dpi of our Beermats enhances the viewer experience by presenting video's in FULL HD...
Scanning the Beer Mat gives the viewer instant access to ALL the most popular Social Media in an instant. Any hour of the day or night.. 7 days a week... 52 weeks a Year.

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Artwork Design

Our highly skilled design team have gain a vast amount of experience over many years, designing artwork for outside advertising agencies. And the vast majority of the Beer Mat designs you see on these pages....
For you never get a second chance to make a first impression...

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Talking Pictures

We're all fully aware of how a picture paints a thousand words.....
Like your picture to talk as well? OK we can do that. We'll make the picture on your Beer Mat TALK...!
Adding a professional male or female voice-over to your Beermat advertising covers all the bases.
Add a Video, a voice-over and a direct link to all your contact details and you have a "killer" combination

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Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality Beer Mats enables today's on the go consumer to make purchases, arrange a test drive, book a holiday, get their eyes tested or make an appointment with a Doctor.
During 2014-2015 36.71% of sales on E-Bay were made via "Smart Phones" Tablets and other Mobile devices.
Currently Smart Phone penetration in the UK stands at 69.71% ...
Downloads of the LAYAR AR application has reached: 47,603,074

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More than a Thousand Words

A picture paints 1,000 words.... We all know this to be true.

Adding a YouTube or Vimeo video to your Beermat; accessable 24/7 via "Augmented Reality"

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