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Beermat Advertising and marketing

The River Thames and Tower Bridge at night


The objectives of all relationship marketing campaigns is to attract and retain a constant flow of new customers.
Retaining customers is under the control of business management.
Attracting a constant flow of new customers is made easier with relationship marketing.
e.g: Maggie has a cleaning business.
She advertises on the Golf Club's Beermats.

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Whether we're a corporate business or a sole trader, branding is by far the most important elemement we need to get right first time.
We see everything we want and, or desire in pictures. Then our aim must be to convey our brand's visually.
The ongoing love affair we all have with the Beermat

branding your business

Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality allows today's conumer: Make Purchases... Arrange a Test Drive... Book a Holiday... Get their Eyes Tested. Make an appointment with the Doctor.... And much, much more.

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Personalised coasters are the best and most cost effective of all promotional products for local business advertising and marketing.
Personalised coasters can be targeted to specific areas and a specific clientele.
They are placed directly in front of a relaxed and receptive audience demonstrating they have money to spend 7 days a week..... Each and Every Week.

Getting personalised is easy

Marketing tools

In todays somewhat over saturated business World... The search for "NEW" strategic marketing ideas is forever ongoing....
When in fact a step backwards may well be the answer..
For, well over 100 years ago some very savy marketers created the perfect advertising and marketing tool.
And the all powerful Beermat was created.

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Visual merchandising is best defined as marketing and advertising in pictures.
We see everything we want, need and, or desire as a picture in our head's....
Beermats are visual merchandising media that's placed in front of a relaxed and highly receptive audience every day of the week..
NOW if the pictures could also talk and show movies....... Wouldn't that be something?

visual merchandising demo

Your Business
Branding Agency

Imagine the effect on your business if we were to place one of the most powerful advertising media directly in front of hundreds of thousands of the most affluent consumers in the United Kingdom.

And then we repeat it every hour of the day, every day of the week; and every week of the year..

The Business branding agency

Visual Merchandising.

Mercedes Benz: When only the best is good enough.

Beermats promoting Mercedes Benz commercials.


Beermats placed in Sport Bars

Bryan Adams

Beermats for a Bryan Adans Gig in Fuengirola Spain


Advertises on Beermats within the Golf Club's clubhouses

Rotorflight Helicopter Training.

Beermats being placed in Golf and Country clubs and Hotels


Beermats are placed in London venues for this client

The Valleys

Beermat promotion. The Valleys of Wales

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