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Beermat Advertising and marketing

Fixing Lazy Logos

Does your company's logo work really hard for You?
Or is it just plain Lazy?
The first interaction your potential consumer will have with your company will be your Logo.
We make your Logo interactive. Interested..? Scan our logo with Layar.... Then take the FREE Trial.

Augmented Reality and Beer Mats are Doing it for Dylan

DonĀ“t Drink and Drown.
Is the urgent message here....

"Cold Water Shock" can; and Will Kill You in less than 60 Seconds..

Augmented reality Beermats for Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Services.

LBS Merchants

An excellent product launch.
Impressed with both the quality of the Beermats and speedy delivery.
We have often used Beermats to advertise and promote LBS Builders Merchants.
And we shall continue to do so.
Recommended LBS

FORD Dealership

We received 157 visits within the first 4 weeks...
With 30 customers arriving in just the first 3 days!
The support and after sales service was nothing short of Excellent.

                     Highly Recommended.

Mumbai India

We found Beer Mat Advertising while looking for a more effective way to promote our fitness centres in Mumbai India.
We were impressed by the quality of the Beermats and even more so by the response we always get.
We're very happy: Oxygen Fitness

Odds - Statistics

Everyone enjoys a little "flutter" now and again.
Checking and understanding the odds before placing a bet reduces the risk.
Advertising is not about taking risks... But about "statistics".
Advertising response statistics for advertising on Beermats being the most impressive.... Casino8


At Celtic Quest we cater for all ages. Our fully qualified staff are there to both encourage you and sometimes to fish you out.
We've been awarded Tripadviser's "Certificate of Excellence" for years 2014-2015-2016....
View our Beermats with the Layar app to see why.. Cleopatra (Cleo)

Voice Overs

Feeling the need to "speak" to my target audience directly, I decided to give Beermat advertising a try. My Beermats were placed in the Bars and Pubs in and around the Radio and Television studios. The response was Instantaneous! I'm now the official voice of TomTom.
I can recommend it....!   Rob Dee

Howells & Son

Thought it would be a good idea to advertise Howells and Son on the Beermats.
Had an excellent response to our initial campaign.
We have been advertising on Beermats for more than 3 Years. We are more than happy      Steve


We purchased "Unblock a Rod" from the previous owner in 2016. Cancelling all the ineffective advertising immediately.
We tasked Beermat advertising to design a more powerful Beermat advertising campaign for us.
They did and it's working very well.
Thanks to you....  Beermatman

Not in Our Area

We often recommend Beermats Advertising to other companies. We even recommend them to other Taxi operators as long as they are not in our area of course!

Advertising on the Beermat is absolutely perfect for us... Chauffeur Taxis

Chauffeur Taxis advertising on Beermats in South Wales


Beermat advertising targeted the Pubs and Clubs with active Pool, Darts and Football Teams.
Within weeks many "new drivers" started using our race track.
We hadn't really thought about advertising on Beermats before. They're a Formula 1 Performer.

Day's Rental

With a fleet of over 9,000 vehicles available Day's are one of the largest rental companies within the UK.
Days Rental are a forward looking company and we were able to see the advantages of advertising on the Beermat immediately. Great ideas come to us...   Days Rental

IBEX Insurance

We receive excellent results from Beermat advertising campaigns.
And continue to use this company to promote IBEX Insurances.

We can recommend this highly professional company with complete confidence.

Sporting Arbitrage

We were defiantly on the right track in choosing Beermats Advertising to promote both Winning Express and Sporting Arbitrage.
We were able to place our Beermats directly in front of literally Thousands of potential clients... Cheers Steve

Stems the Florist

Amazing what a pretty picture on a Beermat will do.
Pricked the consciences of every Husband and Boyfriend in all the Pubs our Beermats were placed in.
Ran out of flowers the  FIRST DAY!
We were really impressed.
                               Stems the Florist

Quad Bikes

Ritec Valley Quads has been established for more than 28 Years. We cater for all ages from 6yr and upwards. Having a low instructor to client ratio enables us to give every "Quad Rider" our full attention at all times. We also have "Trail Riding" with amazing 12km. routes....    Ritec Valley


Ordered beermats with just hours to spare. This company pulled out all the stops for us and got our advertising message out there right away.
We will most certainly continue to use this company for our outdoor advertising campaigns.
Well Appreciated...Alan J.

Bells Hotel & Golf

One of the most successful advertising campaigns to attract new members we've ever done. Advertising Beermats placed in Public Houses in selected areas of the Cotswolds brought us new members and much needed new blood... Recommended: Benn J.


Started advertising our MOT testing station way back when we we're really new. We were the only ones to do so in our area and it worked a treat for us. Within just a few weeks we were fully booked. Many others are using beermats now of course.. But we were the first and we still get the Lion's share.... Howells Garages


One of the Worlds most famous airlines; Ryanair are the experts at both marketing and advertising.
Promotional Beer Mats are a different idea and one that works exceedingly well with measurable results...
And we do like different ideas. Ryanair

Cars R Us

GT Autos recommended we contact Beermat Advertising to promote our company: Cars R Us. And we thank them for pointing us in the right direction. We continue to receive excellent response's to each of our Beermat campaigns.
Cushty... KJ (director)

Cartridge World

Beermat advertising placed our beermats infront of 14,000 Students at Swansea University. They did absolutely everything for us... All we had to do was work like Crazy recycling cartridges.

             Cartridge World Swansea

Cotswold BMW

We at Cotswold BMW promote our new and pre-owned BMW's on Beermats in the Golf Clubs in Cheltenham and Gloucester. Our Beermats are placed in the Clubhouse where Golfers spend much of their time.
We find advertising on the Club's Beermats to be very successful for us.... Cotswold BMW


A picture paints a thousand words. So what will your picture say?

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