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Beermat Advertising and marketing

Business branding company logos with AR.

An effective branding strategy removes the need to to spend vast amounts of money on advertising on a regular basis.

Augmented Reality Beermats are the most cost effective way to build and maintain your brand.. They give you the tools you need to get your business branding and your company logos directly in front of your target audiences.

Placing your colourful message in your customers hands. 7days a week.

Scan the logo's on this page. See what your logo can be doing for you.











Beermats: Social Media Advertising.

Everyone loves a Beer Mat.. We just can't avoid picking them up and reading them. Wherever you look someone's either fiddling with, or flipping Beermats... We tap them on the tables and we wrapp them on the Bars. Scribbling messages on and "taking" them for reference is quite normal and even expected.

is much too short a word to describe them.
They are the original "Information and Entertainment Centres"...!

VideoScribe Animations

VideoScribe animations hold viewers attention for the duration of the "scribe"....... A "quick" 35 seconds can convey all the information a client needs to make the buying decision.

It's all engaging and fun to watch and relaxes the mind enabling your important message to get through to your potential consumer.

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Approved Layar Creator designers

The team at Beer Mat Advertising are approved Layar Creator designers. And the foremost authority in Augmented Reality (AR) Beermat and Coaster designs.
The High quality and dpi of our Beermats enhances the viewer experience by presenting video's in FULL HD...
Scanning the Beer Mat gives the viewer instant access to ALL the most popular Social Media in an instant. Any hour of the day or night.. 7 days a week... 52 weeks a Year.

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Artwork Design

Our highly skilled design team have gain a vast amount of experience over many years, designing artwork for outside advertising agencies. And the vast majority of the Beer Mat designs you see on these pages....
For you never get a second chance to make a first impression...

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Talking Pictures

We're all fully aware of how a picture paints a thousand words.....
Like your picture to talk as well? OK we can do that. We'll make the picture on your Beer Mat TALK...!
Adding a professional male or female voice-over to your Beermat advertising covers all the bases.
Add a Video, a voice-over and a direct link to all your contact details and you have a "killer" combination

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Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality Beer Mats enables today's on the go consumer to make purchases, arrange a test drive, book a holiday, get their eyes tested or make an appointment with a Doctor.
During 2014-2015 36.71% of sales on E-Bay were made via "Smart Phones" Tablets and other Mobile devices.
Currently Smart Phone penetration in the UK stands at 69.71% ...
Downloads of the LAYAR AR application has reached: 47,603,074

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More than a Thousand Words

A picture paints 1,000 words.... We all know this to be true.

Adding a YouTube or Vimeo video to your Beermat; accessible 24/7 via "Augmented Reality"

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